Robert “Tony Stark” Downey Jr  & Chris “Dorito” Evans (x)

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Guys but can we talk about Tony for a bit? Can we talk about what must be going through his head when Steve moves that hammer just an inch?

His hero, who he IDOLIZED growing up, who his FATHER idolized to the point of neglecting and hating his own damn son… is actually just about as good as every picture book ever SAID he would be.

Tony wouldn’t even be jealous. He wouldn’t be upset. Tony can’t move the hammer, Tony knows he can’t move the hammer, Tony isn’t the “worthy” type. Tony’s the get-it-done, you-called-I-fixed-it type. Maybe he’s kind of a hero in his actions, but not deep inside where all the dark thoughts and petty jealousies and resentment lurks. Howard took care of that for him. Maybe even before that, maybe just being a Stark took care of that for him. So of course Tony can’t move the hammer.

But Steve can. Steve can move it, and of COURSE Steve can move it, Steve SHOULD move it. The guy rubbed him the wrong way when they first met, but that was the staff mostly, and partly it was because Tony didn’t think this fucking kid, this twenty-something year old KID, could ever live up to the mythos they’d built around him. No one could. It just was inhuman. It was… super human.

But he did. But Steve did live up to it, damn it, Tony saw it that day in New York, he saw it on the news with that whole thing in the Potomac, he sees it every fucking time he talks to Steve when he wants to try out a new armor or weapon or something, whatever Tony can cook up for him. Steve really is that fucking good, Steve really is everything his news reels and picture books said about him, and MORE, so much more because he’s human but he’s the BEST human, he’s the best of all us.

So when Steve barley moves the hammer, Tony’s heart just about dropped into his stomach. And then he grinned big and bright, because his hero, his TEAMMATE Steve Rogers is exactly as good as Tony always (with one staff-induced hiccup) knew he would be. And he can’t stop staring at him and smiling the rest of the night.

(Until some killer robots show up bc of course it has to be Tony’s fault that the moment was ruined, damn it to hell.)

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this again ~~

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For memorydragon, thank you for requesting fluff/hand kisses >3<

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some little snippets from Chris Evan’s SDCC interview.

(you’re welcome to use them as icons if you want)

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We are with you, Tony

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abandon ship everybody

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"I've got you."

Avengers 003 & Avengers 033

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okay so I drew this immediately after the new ww photo release, I couldn’t resist. Loving the design but I would make a few modifications. This is the Wonder Woman I would want to see on the big screen<3 with captain america:winter-soldier-esque shield yesssss!! eventually I’ll turn this into a trinity picture and maybe clean it up *sigh* it was rushed :/ on dA here too [x]

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